Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Walk into the room purse first!

Hello darlings!

It is no great secret that I am a gal that loves accessories. Bold statement jewellery, hats, fascinators, belts, trinkets, scarves... I love them all! One accessory always grabs my attention and completes an outfit better than any other though- and that is the faithful handbag.

For as long as I can remember I've been obsessed with bags. Not your usual hold-all, two strap basic satchel mind you- I'm talking statement bags! Think quirky, odd, outside of the box and now you're on my level. 

"Less about functionality, more about fun"

That has always been my attitude when it comes to handbags. I realise that not everyone will love the unusual aspects of a statement bag; it is difficult to juggle your purse, makeup, cards and other necessities when you're working with less space, but in the same breath I'd argue that they can bring new life into any ensemble and update an outfit instantly. Overall, they're definitely a big plus in my book.

Over the years I've managed to accumulate a fairly impressive collection of novelty bags - from milk cartons to eyeballs, hearts and giant fluffy monsters - my wardrobe has it all and more!

Just some of my handbag collection

For this post I decided to look out one of my all time favourite statement bags - the "Liquid Sarcasm" cross-body bag from accessory giants SkinnyDip. Not wanting to be outdone, these fashion gurus make bags in all sorts of weird, wacky and wonderful shapes: seashells, UFOs and even Mexican wrestler bags are just some of the creations they sell from outlets such as ASOS and Topshop. Signature phone cases, luggage tags and pencil cases are also on offer, so if bags aren't your thing chances are you'll still fall in love with some of their amazing designs. 

Taking inspiration from the "liquid sarcasm" bag I opted to create a fun and flirty summer look using pastel shades. I love the way the blue and pink of the bag compliment one another and replicated that colour match in my look. This post also afforded me the chance to really show off this amazing new faux-leather skirt I recently acquired from ASOS- the metallic shine and unusual colour had me transfixed! I'm wearing a size 18 here and it fits beautifully on my 36" waist.

Paired with the skirt are some bright lilac colour-block tights from American company "we love colors" who carry the most extensive range of plus-size coloured tights I've ever happened across (to view their entire range check out the links at the bottom of this post!) These are incredibly generous in sizing. For reference, I'm wearing a 2X and they go all the way up to underneath my bra with room to spare! 

 I also wanted a fun clashing print to finish off this ensemble and thought the zebra vamp top from Pinupgirlclothing would make the perfect addition when paired with this sweet pink Kimono from Primark's 2015 summer range. This is without a doubt one of the most fun outfits I've ever worn and I feel as though it's a very true representation of myself and my style- loud, proud and unapologetically colourful!

I hope you'll agree that the bag really does finish off this look nicely, proving that a statement handbag really can breathe new life into any look.



Outfit Details
Top: PinupGirl Clothing
Kimono: Primark (old)
Skirt: ASOS
Tights; We love colours
Shoes: eBay (old, similar here)
Bag: Skinny Dip 

All in all, wearing this outfit I definitely feel as though I'm ready to walk into the room purse first, a la my Rupaul's drag race favourite, Bob the Drag Queen! Do you love a statement bag or purse? Let me know in the comments. 

Until next time sweethearts, 
Lovelustloves x0


  1. Love the outfit. Love the bag. Love the title of this post. Queen 🙌🏻👑

  2. I adore this outfit!! So you and so colourful!!! ����

  3. Oh everything about that bag is adorable - a fizzy can of fun!

    C xx

  4. This outfit is everything. I adore quirky & colourful. That bag is brilliant & your styling is on point.


  5. i love everything about your style and i am all over that skirt and liquid sarcasm bag! x

    Miss Kitty Kaos - Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl

  6. Girl you are killing the game! This outfit is 💯!