Sunday, 1 May 2016

Fat girls shouldn't wear stripes...

Hello darlings!

Firstly, let me alleviate any fears or misconceptions you may have had when reading the title of this blog- I am a firm believer that ANYONE can wear absolutely ANYTHING they so desire. Fat, thin, curvy, tall, disabled, apple-shaped.... it doesn't matter! (So no, you haven't stepped into the twilight zone; I'm still the same loud and unapologetic body positive activist I've always been!)

It's no great secret that I find clothes and the act of clothing oneself to be a pivotal experience both in terms of existing in a heavily politicised body and in terms of expressing yourself through a creative medium. I simply adore the idea that through dressing up you can be seen as walking art - the perfect outlet to proudly display who you are for the world. It isn't always an easy task mind you- especially when you consider the limitations enforced upon us to conform to that elusive little beast, the societal "norm".

As someone who self-identifies as a fat woman, I'm used to being bombarded with messages through mainstream media on what is and is not socially acceptable for me to look like and what I can and cannot wear. Encouraged relentlessly to be a "good fatty" who is openly self-loathing, always dieting, always apologising for my presence and taking up space - this kind of thing really takes its toll! 

Don’t wear sleeveless tops. Don’t wear fitted clothes. Pencil skirts? Forget about it! Top ten tricks to make yourself look slimmer! Don’t wear white. Only ever wear black. Oh, and most importantly- never wear stripes!

Ugh- give me a break! 

The thing is, if you are plus size, bigger, chubby, fat -however you want to label it- then you'll look that size regardless of what you're wearing. Sure enough, you can dress to flatter your figure and take heed of all those presupposed "fashion rules" outlined above but ultimately you will still look the size you actually are (and by the way, that's perfectly OKAY).

I personally am completely fed up of being told how to exist within my own body. Being told what and what not to wear, it's exhausting! Not to mention demoralising and at times even embarrassing.

My own brand of personal style is something I see as an ever evolving entity - it changes and adapts depending on many factors. My mood, my inspiration, my passions... I dress for myself and myself alone. And guess what? If I want to wear stripes, bodycon, loud prints etc. I'll god-damn well wear them! (And I'll look good doing it too!)  


This little outfit is something I threw together from pieces already existing in my own wardrobe. Whilst styling this outfit I was conscious to ignore that little voice in the back of my head saying "You shouldn't wear that!" and "This won't look good on you!" (sidenote: after years and years of being subjected to media critique of larger bodies it is HARD to shake that nagging little voice!) but overall, I'm really happy with how I look and how I felt on this day. I was overwhelmed with feeling incredibly powerful and liberated when taking these photos, which I think is reflected in the overall result - I think these are some of my favourite photos ever taken!



Outfit Details 
Sunglasses: Primark
Dress: River Island
Hair flowers: Pinupgirlclothing (sold out, similar here)
Rings: Accessorize
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Bordello

Being a fat girl breaking so many fashion rules - no stripes, no bodycon and definitely no VBO (visible belly outline) was a euphoric experience and something I'll definitely be repeating in future.  

What do you think of fat girls wearing stripes? How about breaking fashion rules? Please let me know! 

Until next time darlings, 
Lovelustloves x0


  1. I wore a jumpsuit on my blog a few weeks ago. Same thoughts went through my head. I do still suffer from vbo fear. I wish I didn't then I would allow myself to wear more pants.

  2. I wore a jumpsuit on my blog a few weeks ago. Same thoughts went through my head. I do still suffer from vbo fear. I wish I didn't then I would allow myself to wear more pants.

  3. It took me years to let go and wear what I wanted and get my VBO out but once you do it is so liberating, especially when you dress to please yourself and no-one else. I love your outfit x

  4. You look absolutely phenomenal! I'm all about breaking "the rules" these days - I love bodycon dresses and stripes, I own bikinis, crop tops and even a bodysuit. It feels so weird that a few years ago I basically only wore black and tried to make myself look as small as possible. I've gained so much confidence through blogging and reading other people's blogs!