Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Dungaree Delights

Hello beautiful people!

I hope this blog post finds you all peachy keen on this bright Tuesday. Today on the blog I'll be chatting about something that is once again completely out of my realms of fashion comfort- dungarees! 

Overalls, Salopettes, Bib and Braces... whatever you want to call them, they're quickly becoming a staple on many a fashion blog and taking over the pages of "must have" fashion trend magazines. 

Dungarees are yet another fashion item that until recently I did not think would be suitable for my plus-size body. Wandering through high street shops such as Topshop, Primark, H&M etc. I hadn't found any dungarees that really wowed me, and those that I did discover usually stopped at a 14, far too small for my curvy body. "Woe is me" I thought, seemingly relegated to the dungaree dreams of my childhood; that is, until I stumbled across New Look's Inspire range last week. 

Enter the most wonderful dungarees I could hope to come across: lightweight, comfortable and featuring a cute print - what more could I want?! I instantly made them mine and haven't looked back since.

I decided to pair my dungarees with a bit of 90's inspiration- styling my hair in curly pigtails a la one of my favourite comedians - Ilana Glazer from Broad City. Couple that with a print clashing white leopard print top, some super-cute  heart shaped sunglasses and some contrasting silver brogues and I think overall this makes a fun, comfortable and most importantly stylish outfit- perfect for Spring/Summer. 

Since this is such a fun and comfortable outfit, I decided to try it out on a wee nature walk. It ended up being perfect for climbing up log piles, exploring the countryside and playing in the river - as you can see from the photographs below! 

Outfit Details 
Top: George @ ASDA
Dungarees: New Look 
Sunglasses: Primark 
Shoes: Florence and Fred @ TESCO 

Whilst writing up this blog post I was struck by a common theme I've found developing in more and more of my writings- challenging myself to step outside of my fashion boundaries. What once started last year as a blog almost entirely dedicated to large floaty pinup dresses and accessories has evolved to encompass a smorgasbord of style and fashion choices. 

Thinking critically about this reflection has taught me several things: 

1) Fat women should never be confined to what they wear. Don't let anyone or anything tell you differently. You want to wear a crop top, bikini or dungarees? Fucking DO IT  

2) Style is an ever evolving mechanism and will more than likely adapt throughout your life. It's all well and good to have a go-to signature look (heck, I still adore my big floaty dresses!) but don't let your own fears and apprehensions hold you back from trying out new things. 

3) Lastly, we as fat women are not afforded the same options as our smaller sisters. Many women cannot simply walk into a high street shop and buy something cute off the rack. I myself am afforded a certain level of privilege that I am very aware of insofar as being a  UK size 16/18 can still wear many things from "straight size" shops however plus-size women are often forced to think more creatively and ultimately spend more money to express themselves through the medium of clothing and personal style - something that, by the way, is COMPLETELY UNFAIR.  

And so with that little rant over I come to the conclusion of my latest post. What do you think about Dungarees - or any "non fat-friendly" clothing for that matter? Do you agree with my thoughts on the clothing industry? Let me know! 

Until next time darlings, 
Lovelustloves x0

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  1. Such a cute outfit those dungarees are fabulous and yes as fat women we do have to be more creative. Even though I live in Birmingham the choice on the physical high street is appalling so going shopping no longer holds the same attraction that it once did.