Sunday, 12 April 2015

Mean Green Mutha' From Outer Space

Hello darlings,
I hope this blog post finds everyone well!
I'm wanting to deviate from my regular clothes obsession for a quick minute and chat about one of my favourite films- Little Shop of Horrors. This movie has many elements that I absolutely love; great fashion, catchy songs, an upbeat musical score as well as a young Rick Moranis and dark undertones...perfect! What more could a girl ask for?!

This will always be one of my ultimate feel-good movies and I feel compelled to watch it every several months (I've actually just finished re-watching it for probably the hundredth time with my little sister this very morning!) so you can imagine my delight when last August one of my favourite clothing brands -Pinupgirlclothing- announced that they were planning to release a dress honoring this film. Well, I'm not exaggerating when I say that this dress had my heart fluttering from the offset. I could picture it so vividly- the bright purple colour, the swing skirt, the bold print.... everything about it sounded like a dream! This dress was the brainchild of the wonderfully gifted designer/model/artist/ultrababe Micheline Pitt (follow her on instagram here!) and was born from her increasingly fabulous "Deadly Dames" collection for Pinupgirlclothing. 

After relentless online stalking of their facebook, instagram and twitter pages I contacted Pinupgirlclothing direct to ask for a release date of this amazing dress-of-my-dreams. Originally I was told it'd be out for October 2014, however this date was pushed back on two separate occasions due to the print of the fabric being not quite perfect, which whilst slightly annoying at the time is more than anything a true indication of the perfectionist nature of the design team at Pinugirl - only releasing the dress once every issue was addressed. The actual release date of this dress ended up being March 2015, and you can guarantee that I mine was one of the first orders in- after months and months of waiting this dress was finally going to belong to me, making all of my kitschy Audrey 2 dreams come true! 

So, what was my verdict when I received the dress? 

Unsurprisingly, I loved it! This dress exceeds all of my expectations and is a true marvel, and surprisingly is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I've ever put on my body - It literally feels as though i'm wearing pajamas! The print is absolutely divine and adds a brilliant element of whimsy that i'm totally in love with- Audrey 2's cute and creepy animated makeover is definitely something I support fullheartedly.

For anyone considering buying this dress, or placing themselves on the wait-list for it to be restocked in various sizes, here's an extract of information about the Venus Flytrap Hotrod Honey Dress direct from the Pinupgirlclothing website (and link to purchase here!):

"The comfort of your favorite t-shirt meets the design you love from Deadly Dames with the Hotrod Honey Swing Dress! Made of a high-quality cotton stretch knit, the Hotrod Honey features a wide scoopneck, 3/4 length sleeves, and a full swing skirt that is slightly gathered at the elasticized waistline. Comfortable and cute, this dress is available here in Micheline's custom Venus Fly Trap print and comes with a faux leather belt.

I can 100% vouch for all of the above information. 

In fact, I loved this dress so much that I decided to organize a little photoshoot to show off how amazing it is!  For the occasion I decided to do something a little different and go for some big 60's style bouffant hair- something that the original Audrey herself would be proud to wear! 

Suddenly Seymour

To get my hair looking so big and fabulous, I went to a fantastic little local salon called Myka and was styled by the wonderful Cheryl Bowes, salon owner and vintage hair enthusiast extraordinaire! Making use of my lovely little headpiece that I picked up at the Scottish Tattoo Convention (flower clip is by Alternate Normality - follow this link to purchase!) Cheryl curled, backcombed and fixed my hair into place and set it with an atomic serving of ultra-hold hairspray; this girl really knows what she's doing and set me on my way with a giant smile on my face and my high hair skimming the door frame on the way out! 

My lovely friend Jenni came over to my Bathgate home to shoot - we are working on a body positive photo project that i'll share more about soon but also used the opportunity to photograph this gorgeous dress- and I had a delightful time doing so! I've really been enjoying getting back in front of the camera after such a long hiatus, it's been fantastic for my self-esteem and I've been loving the images that i'm getting back too- an added bonus! Jenni is an incredibly talented photographer and made the experience wonderfully positive & comfortable. We shot mostly outside in my shared garden area and my lovely neighbour even let us use her decking. Check out the results of our little collaboration below:


Wearing seamed stocking from What Katie Did to give this outfit that little bit extra 

Overall, this dress is everything i'd hoped for and more! It's soft, comfortable, wonderfully constructed and even comes with a free leather effect belt. It's absolutely gorgeous and so easy to wear due to the comfortable jersey material. This dress is currently sold out in most sizes but if you add yourself to the wait list that I linked to above you'll be notified as soon as it comes back into stock.

I hope that you enjoyed my little review and photoshoot- let me know what you think about this dress in the comments below.

Until next time lovelies! 

Lovelustloves x0


  1. Ah! I need this dress. You look amazing. In love with your hair.

  2. You looook incredible lovely. This dress is perfect. gunna check out the brand out straight away xxx

  3. I love Little Shop of Horrors so much and used to sing the songs from it relentlessly when I was a teenager and Oh My God I need this in my life, despite my fear of import and customs, right that's me off to sell half my wardrobe x