Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Review- Jamberry Nail Wraps

Hello sweet people!  

Whilst I don't consider myself to be much of a beauty blogger, I always enjoy the opportunity to try out new fashion and beauty products and share my thoughts and opinions with your lovely selves. Along that line of thought, I was recently approached by a friend on Facebook and offered to try something that was completely new to me - the nail wrap.

Whilst I'm not really one for nail maintenance (my current student budget does not allow for manicures!) I have always loved nail art and bright polishes. I feel that when my nails are in check they can compliment an outfit and help me feel more "together", which is never a bad thing!

Unbeknown to me, nail wraps have been a big hit with beauty bloggers and internet aficionados for a good while now, and there are literally hundreds of brands, designs and shapes to choose from.  

So what is Jamberry?

Jamberry nail wraps were created by three sisters as a simple do-it-yourself alternative to expensive trips to the nail salon, featuring plain and patterned wraps made with durable materials that bond to your natural nail. They're also gluten-free, latex-free and vegan friendly, making them a great animal-friendly product. With over 300 designs to choose from, you can be spoilt for choice and are able to mix and match designs to create a fun and unique manicure. 

How do you apply them? 

All the tips and tricks you'll need for application are in the following video. It's not the best quality but it's straight to the point and shows you all that you'll need for a quick and easy application using only a hairdryer, nail scissors, a nail file and your wraps. I followed these steps meticulously and overall i'm really pleased with how my Jamberry manicure came out. I also followed the tips and tricks in the image below which helped the longevity of my nails (at the time of writing I've had my wraps on for three days with no signs of wear or tear yet!) 


The advice I would give for a Jamberry rookie such as myself is not to be afraid to use extra heat. Once the wrap has been applied and pressed, hold the nail back under the heater for an extra 5-10 seconds just to ensure that it'll stick. The last thing you want is your new manicure to lift and bubble. According to other reviews I've read, the wraps are most likely to lift after the first 2 hours of application, so try your best not to touch or fiddle with them straight after applying (a mean feat for a fidget such as myself!)

What did I make of the wraps? 

Following the instructions from the application video above as well as the "Jam tips for the rookie" information, I found the application process to be fairly straightforward. Whilst it is considerably more faff to apply a full manicure than it is to open a pot of 60 second nail polish, the end result is pretty and unique- something not to be sniffed at!   

My nails turned out beautifully 

As I was sent a sample of the wraps they only came in limited sizes, therefor I wasn't able to cover my thumb or pinky finger with the wraps I was given. I have been assured however that when you purchase a sheet of wraps from Jamberry there is a much broader range of sizes to choose from, enough to to fit most nail shapes. One full sheet of wraps will set you back £15, although one sheet will provide you with enough wraps for four full manicures working out at a meagre £3.75 per full set of nails. According to their website, Jamberry wraps will last for up to two weeks with the correct application making for an economical purchase if you're someone who is into nail art and funky manicures.

Realistically, I won't be using Jamberry nail wraps every two weeks. However, if I have a special occasion such as a party or wedding i'd definitely invest the time and effort into giving myself a nail wrap manicure. I'm a big fan of the wide variety of prints and colours the wraps come in and could easily see myself mixing and matching designs to co-ordinate to a fun outfit. 

What do you think of nail wrap manicures? Let me know!

Until next time sweet cheetahs, 
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**The products within this post were sent to me for free, however as always all opinions and thoughts are completely my own**


  1. I've always been curious about nail wraps because I'm so dreadful at applying nail polish. My fine motor skills are something to be desired.

    1. Hey ruby
      Haha my motor skills ain't that great but the wraps are fab if you would like a sample of a wrap please feel free add or message me on Facebook hunni xxxx my website is if you lie to have a look at the designs and tips for appalling your wraps xxxx

  2. Thansk lovely lady for a fab review xxxx
    Here my website for your followers to view and buy wraps
    Or you add or message me Facebook Sj Barbour

  3. Love how yours turned out! I've also just discovered these colourful joys and have been practising before I review. I'm quite impressed so far!

    Sam x