Thursday, 2 July 2015

True Romance

Hello darlings! 

I hope as always that this blog installation finds everyone in good spirits and enjoying themselves as we reach optimistically towards summer! In the nature of summer and having been recently blessed with a highly unexpected heatwave across central Scotland, I decided to make today's blog post a fun little outfit that's warm-weather friendly whilst still maintaining a strong visual impact. I've also chosen to feature a wonderful indie clothing brand hailing from my homeland of Scotland known as Abandon Ship Apparel (or ASA for short!) 

Bold, bright and beautiful!

Abandon Ship are a wonderful little organization running from the centre of Glasgow. They've been in existence since 2011 and specialize in clean and high-impact t-shirt designs - however they have now ventured into the world of dresses, skirts and boxer shorts. Their aesthetic is particularly bold and beautiful, with their striking statement prints being coveted the world over. ASA are definitely the epitome of effortless cool and I'm a huge fan of their style and flair!

What's more- in 2014 Abandon Ship were the proud recipients of the "Scottish Retailer of the Year" award at the Scottish Fashion awards as well as the "Scottish Online Retailer or the Year" award at the Heralds Online Retail Awards. This wonderful brand are really carving a name for themselves and you'll find them plastered all over instagram and tumblr. 

Whilst I'm a fan of all of ASA's clothing, I have a particularly strong affinity for their's crop-tops & the "True Romance" print that I'm showcasing here is particularly beautiful. I love everything about this, the character design is powerful and the black and white palette creates a strong visual image. I feel that this works rather well with the black, white and red colour theme of this outfit- I'm usually one to stay away from limiting my colour choices but I feel that this just kind of works. I especially love the lustful couple placed here on my left boob! 

In terms of sizing, the Abandon Ship crop top that I'm wearing here is a women's size XL. These tops run fairly true to size and this is well accommodating for my 36G chest - as you can see the pattern isn't too distorted or too overly-stretched. For reference I usually wear a size 16/18 (UK) in tops 


I decided to pair this gorgeous little crop-top with a simple red miniskirt and some fishnet tights for maximum impact. I've been trying my best lately to take steps out of my fashion comfort zone and miniskirts are usually something I avoid like the plague, hence trying one out in this post! I've always adhered to the "tits or legs" rule of dressing and usually it's the bust that comes out on top (literally!) but what's life without spontaneity (and the occasional flash of your pins!?)

Over the past few months I've been feeling increasingly comfortable within myself and have definitely been experiencing a great influx of body positivity which has been a real aide to this fashion push. I've of course welcomed this with open arms and have been embracing the little fashion challenges I've been setting for myself - as I once read on a motivational post: "A comfort zone can be good, but nothing ever grows there". Never is this more true than within the confines of fashion - swing dresses and circle skirts may be well and good but even I need to push myself out of this every so often! 

She's got legs- she knows how to use them

Lastly, the shoes I'm wearing here are from TUK - I absolutely adore these. They're big, bold and beautiful- three of the most key aspects to my personal aesthetic. I've had these for a number of years but due to their sheer impracticality they don't often make it into my regular wardrobe rotation - something I may need to rectify! I'm also a huge fan of the she-devil pinup girl print of these shoes, it's particularly relevant to my interests and I think it ties in quite nicely to the tattoo-inspired print of the Abandon Ship crop-top; a little Sailor Jerry-style influence! 

Outfit Details
Fishnet tights: Primark
Shoes: TUK 

Also, in other unrelated news I got a killer new tattoo a couple of weeks ago - this is my little tribute to the bloodthirsty Audrey 2 plant from the amazing movie musical "Little Shop of Horrors" done by the fantastic Rizza Boo at Bath Street Tattoo Collective in Glasgow. I highly recommend Rizza - she also did my stomach tattoo in April of last year and her skill is really second to none; just look at those vibrant colours!

And so my loves that brings us to the end of another blog post! I have an incredibly packed schedule coming up - this week and next I'm headed to Manchester, London, back to Manchester, doing a photoshoot with the inimitable Gary Crozier then to Wickerman festival - all whilst trying to flat hunt in Glasgow -  Phew!

Due to my travels I'll be taking some inspiration from my many jaunts and activities and in the very near future I'll be blogging about some festival-chic plus size style and I'll hopefully be able to disclose what it is that I've been getting up to down South! (It's all very hush hush at the moment!)

Keep your eyes peeled for my latest ramblings! 
Until next time my darlings, 

Lovelustloves x0


  1. Oooh, thrilled to hear about this brand as I am going to be Glasgow in the late summer and need to check them out. Love the print of this beauty. Do they do any sizes bigger than an XL? Also - LOVE the hair!

  2. I love that shirt and your hair is just fantastic !! <3

  3. I am SO in lust with your tattoo! And your legs in general are LUSH, babe! xx